The Sea, The Sea

The sea has a magical essence, an impeccable form of beauty and healing powers.

The sea is an emotional stimulant, seducing from the first sight. Rich inside and outside, it is a world full of meaning worth discovering. It connects the body and the inner soul.

Watching the sky light fall into the sea, creating a lucid sparkle composed with the constant motion created by waves, is an extraordinary experience.

Kiohne’s spring/summer 2024 collection strives to evoke the spectacle of the sea, the experience of swimming in the sea and the emotional journey by the sea through design, form, material selection and color palette. The collection consists of swimsuits for women and children, clothes that can be worn from day to night, sandals and bags as well as a new addition of knitwear.

The color palette is based on different layers of the sea. Because the surface of the sea reflects the sky, the predominant colors of the collection are caribbean blue and night blue. Both colors also appear in a metallic foiled lycra like the shimmering sea surface. Then comes the red and sun orange, colors that the sea absorbs to the highest extent so they aren’t even visible. However, they are the colors that many of the most beautiful corals produce. A darker red, coated with a shimmering glitter, represents the color of sea when the sun sets down and the sky fades from pink to purple shades. White is inspired by the foam that appears on the surface of the sea and black is the dominant color created by the night sky.

The visual elements of the sea spectacle are depicted in swimsuits and clothes in clean forms as well as fabric textures. The wave is the most dominant shape represented either in panels of contrasting colors or in material choices. It appears in the hem of caftan-like dresses, or as the collar shape in knitwear. Kiohne also created a lycra laser-cut wavy trim for this season, used mainly on swimsuits. The brand’s signature edge embroidery done by hand is now applied both on swimwear and clothes. The rubber closures for swimsuits come in black and red with Kiohne’s brand mark.

This collection also includes knitwear for the very first time. These first styles include classic navy/white mariniere with an asymmetric wave on the hem, braided style with an asymmetric, wavy neckline and a geometric style with contrasting colors. 

Overall the design direction is based on paneling and loose forms in order to create comfort. Clothes have a subtle palette and are made from fine poplins, advanced polyamide, textured viscose, silks, lightweight poplins and textured elastic cotton. Following the philosophy of the brand, all the clothes can be mixed and matched and they are meant to be worn from day to night, all year round, for a contemporary wardrobe.

This season, Kiohne’s signature Tube bag has been made using high technology yarn made of recycled materials found in the sea and it comes in a burned sun orange as well as night blue. A mini version of the bag made using natural straw with calf leather handles has also been included in the collection. Sandals come in tan and black calf leather with soft foam on the sole for extra comfort whilst the design mirrors Kiohne’s brand mark.