Kióhne is a ready-to-wear brand, founded in the city of Athens, with the aim to create high quality products that capture the extraordinary beauty of the Greek summer and the formations of the country's spectacular landscapes that captivates travellers.

Kióhne addresses the need for a new type of youthful and accessible urban resort wear that can be worn from day to night and from beach to street, on all occasions, all year round.

With a snowflake as the brand mark, the name Kiohne comes from the Greek word χιόνι meaning ‘snow’. For a brand that represents the essence of summer and island life expressed with architectural geometry, this oxymoron highlights the beautiful balance of opposites.

Primarily produced in Greece in collaboration with local manufacturers, Kióhne is focused on sustainability combined with advanced materials that are lightweight, soft and comfortable in order to create a timeless contemporary wardrobe.

 Kióhne represents a fresh approach to what Greece is now. 




At Kióhne, we aim to produce high quality ready-to-wear responsibly. We love the land as well as the sea, and we will always make a maximum effort to have as little impact on nature as possible. Sustainability is a journey of discovery and it is centred around four core principles for us as a brand:


We create timeless pieces that will last as the materials that we use are of best quality. The collections are designed around versatile wardrobe essentials in order to create accessible and long lasting luxury.


We source materials from Greece as our priority in order to minimise the impact from transportation. We select materials that are updated with new low energy production technologies and we use recycled and bio-compostable materials where possible. Our swimwear is made of the best possible quick drying lycra using cutting-edge fabric technology with excellent body shaping properties and UV protection. All packaging materials are recyclable or made from recycled raw material.


We collaborate closely with Greek manufacturing and textiles industries in order to create excellent quality items with high attention to detail and finish. We are very focused on the production process in order to have as little waste as possible.


We sell through our own channels to keep the prices affordable and to make luxury accessible.





Lydia Vousvouni and Amelia Theodoropoulou met whilst working for the brand Zeus+Dione, where they instantly connected because of their love for summer and Greek craftsmanship. Thus, they decided to turn their shared passion into an accessible brand, with products that are manufactured in Greece using high quality materials. They are both dedicated to keeping local craftsmanship alive.

Lydia is the Designer and Creative Director of Kióhne. With an eye for high quality and geometric cutting, her work is inspired by travel, architecture and the elements of nature but most importantly the experience of the landscape and the light in Greece. Before co-founding Kióhne, Lydia was the head of design at Zeus+Dione from 2012 to 2021. Whilst there, she focused on Greek craftsmanship and heritage, drawing inspiration from Greek folkloric costumes in order to create modern luxury products.

Amelia is the COO and Marketing Director of Kióhne. Her love for fashion along with the natural beauty of this country during the summertime inspired her to start this brand. Before co-founding Kióhne, Amelia worked in the marketing department at Zeus+Dione. More recently, Amelia worked on building a start-up fashion jewellery brand that stemmed from her interest in the ancient Greek craftsmanship, materials and techniques used in jewellery making.